Colleges ICEF Rugby Alumni Attend

UC Santa Barbara Summer Sessions Scholarships

Each summer in an effort to increase the chances that the ICEF Rugby players get into great schools and stay at these great schools we offer scholarships to give them valuable time at great institutions.

We offer 8 Scholarships to UC Santa Barbara. It is a 6 week program where the students get to live in UC Santa Barbara dorms and take a college class.

We also offer 1 Elite Scholarship at UC Santa Barbara where that student works as a research assistant to a Professor for 6 weeks.

Serevi Camp Scholarships

We are always working with our friends at Serevi to get our students to their resident camps in at the Olympic Training Center in San Diego or to their Day Camps around Southern California.

US Collegiate Development Camp

2014 was the first summer that ICEF Rugby was fortunate enough to work with the US Collegiate Development Camp. Held at Dartmouth College under the watchful eye of Alex Magelby it is another partnership we at ICEF are extremely greatfull for.


Bowdoin College



Cal Berkeley


UC Irvine


UC Riverside

San Fransisco State

Boise State

UC San Diego

Humbolt State

New Mexico State





Cal Maritime

Arizona St

San Diego St

UC Santa Cruz

Bryn Mawr

UC San Diego

Cal State Bakersfield

Cal State Northridge

Grand Canyon

​UC Merced